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RoundTeam gives an opportunity to automatically collect updates on interesting topics from relevant people. Let’s say you are interested in tweets about some event. For example, science expedition. Of course, you can follow all members of this  expedition. But then you’ll get all their tweets, not only related to the topic of your interest. Second, you can read this expedition’s #hashtag. But it means you’ll get all tweets with this hashtag, not only posted by expedition members.

RoundTeam offers the perfect solution for this issue. Just tell RoundTeam to retweet specific #hashtag from a scoped group of people (e.g., expedition members) and enjoy feed of interesting tweets generated for you automatically! As a bonus, since you receive all required tweets in one feed, you can use it for memories, historical analysis etc.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how it works.

Step 1 is exactly the same as in Community Building tutorial. Please follow this step here:

Step 2. Configuring retweets.
After Step 1 is done, you’ll see the following table. This is your personal retweeting dashboard:

Now, there are actually two ways to configure retweets from specific group of Twitter accounts. We’ll take a look on each of them one-by-one.

Option 1. Retweet from Followed
Usually events like expeditions (or similar to it) have specific #hashtag or keywords added to their tweets. So the simplest way to aggregate updates is to set up retweets from “Followed” category by this specific retweet item (#/@/keyword).
For the purpose of vivid example we will use tag #expedition.
Click “+” button in “Followed” line and add your hashtag in the appeared text box:

Click “Add” button.

Simple, isn’t it? You are almost done!

The last thing you need to do – follow people on Twitter from whom you’ll aggregate relevant updates. That said, when someone from those who you follow will make a tweet with selected hashtag/keyword, you will get a retweet in your Team’s feed. You can use any retweet item (@mention/#hashtag/keyword) and any combination of them, to reach better results and make your retweets more targeted. Don’t forget about our Filters too.

That’s it. Let’s have a look at the second option.

Option 2. Retweet from List
If you want to have more control over your retweets, we recommend using Lists feature for aggregating updates. Before using this feature, you need to create Twitter public list and include all Twitter users you want to get retweets from there. The main advantage of the Lists method is that you can retweet all tweets from List members, or make a selective retweets using #hashtag/keyword. Moreover, it will be the perfect solution, if you want to retweet updates from fewer Twitter users (in our example — expedition members), than you actually follow. Also, it is very simple to operate — just add or delete members to/from your Twitter List.

To illustrate this approach, we are using public list on Twitter called “Example”. This list includes only one member — @RoundTeam.

To configure retweets aggregation from List you need to click “+” button in “Lists” line and specify your list in the appeared text boxes:

Click “Add” button.

In case of more targeted retweeting, use settings like this:

  • UseCase_Team/Example/#expedition
  • UseCase_Team/Example/expedition

Now you are all set! Enjoy and happy retweeting!

24 thoughts on “Aggregate updates

  1. Hey Guys,

    Did all the above (retweets from a list), but it just does not do anything (no retweets). What could be the problem?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi. Great idea and, so far, working well for me. I do have a question though. It regards the ‘Lists’ option. I can only seem to add three keywords. Then I get a message saying Out of Items Limit?

    Any advice on how I can add more than three? The list option is best for me as its more manageable. Three keywords is a little limiting though.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Neil,

      Complete information on RoundTeam retweet items limit is here: Currently we are working hard to meet the needs of every our customer. Please, follow the updates at @RoundTeam. We always notify our customers about upcoming news, useful tips and solutions.

      Also, our Support Team got your email and will respond you shortly with more details regarding your questions.

      • Thanks for replying. Just one more thing. I’ve been using a filter on ‘lists’ to stop retweets from the list members going out on my timeline. It seemed to work fine for a few days but then stopped filtering. I’ve set the filter again to see if that will cure the problem. Just thought it was worth flagging up. Again, thanks for the swift response.


          • Thank you. I’ve included the above in an email. Sadly I’m still having a problem with the service not filtering retweets from people in the list section. I’ve had to pause the service for the moment. Hope a fix can be found.



    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, you can. For example, to retweet news about festivals in Brazil, use the following retweet item: festival near:”Brazil” within:15mi

      In general, you can leverage full power of Twitter advanced search with RoundTeam.
      1) Go to Twitter advanced search:
      2) Enter search criteria you want, click “Search”
      3) Switch to “All” Tweets
      4) If search result are sufficient, copy search expression right above the Tweets feed and paste it to RoundTeam
      5) In RoundTeam, you can apply additional powerful filters:

      Please let us know if you have any questions

  3. Hi RoundTeam, I’m trying to set up an auto retweet for a specific user with a public list, but i keep getting the ‘failed to add some items’ error. What could be the problem? thank you!

    • Hi Bibi,

      Please, email the following information to

      1) Twitter user name you used to log in RoundTeam
      2) name and author of the public Twitter list you were not able to add to RoundTeam

      You Support Team will investigate this issue deeply.


  4. hi, i have setup all my followers and followed but no retweet is happening please advise my twitter account is @abibars

    • Dear Bibars,

      Thank you for contacting RoundTeam. We will investigate your issue deeply and let you know via email as soon as we get more information.


  5. Hi

    I have tried the above (using lists) and can’t see any retweets.

    I’m logged in as @culturedurham and I am trying to RT every tweet from @thisisdurham automatically. I have created a list within the @thisisdurham account. Does it take some time?

  6. Hi, My twitter is @iKlaroline_Soul, I’ve been using round team for about a year, and everything was ok, until 5 days ago it stopped retweeting at all.. all I had to do was to retweet by myself

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