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RoundTeam unveils new way to communicate on Twitter. You can build real communities on Twitter by using RoundTeam and its automatic retweeting features. Community members have the opportunity to share relevant tweets without following each other directly. The main idea of this approach is to create unique #hashtag and configure it to be retweeted from followers of some Twitter account.

Engage your followers into a conversation by re-posting their tweets into community feed:

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how it works.

Step 1. Choose Twitter account to represent your community and connect it to RoundTeam.

To go through the full account setup process, please follow this instruction.

Step 2. Configure your Team retweets.
You will see the following table, this is your retweeting dashboard:

For Community Building purposes you need to define unique hashtag to be retweeted from your Followers. Let’s define #community as an example. Click “+” button in “Followers” line and add your hashtag in the appeared window:

Finish with “Add” button.

Now you are done!

To continue building your community you’ll need to engage other people to follow this account on Twitter. (They don’t even have to know that this account is connected to RoundTeam! In the matter of fact, if you opted-out of Promotional Tweets, they may never know that RoundTeam exists). Tell them to add your #hashtag (#community in our example) to those tweets, which are addressed to the community. As a result, when somebody from community followers will tweet anything with your #hashtag, this tweet will be automatically retweeted to the community account, and all Followers will see it. They will be able to reply (also with this #hashtag) and establish conversations.

23 thoughts on “Build communities

  1. Thank you for your website.
    It worked really well the first time I used it but I want to know when the cron is launched please? Because no more tweet is retweeted on my account.

    • Hi!
      If you sign out, close your web browser or switch off your computer – RoundTeam will still do retweets for you and all your retweet settings will be saved in your RoundTeam account.

  2. Привет! у меня вопрос!!! почему не работает сервис!!! нажимаю создать новый Team а он выдает ошибку 404 страница не найдена!!! что с сервисом!!!

  3. hi there! please help me
    I want retweet my followers who has hashtag “live tweet” but It must retweet at the same time or a few seconds later, this application can be directly retweet? If can, how it use?

  4. would love to see a schedule tool that will let me make a bunch tweets, select 2 random post time options, AM/PM and select upto 30 days for the same tweet.
    The tool would only post 2 times a day per account.
    The tool would then email me when the schedule has finished.

  5. Round Tean has increased my Twitter base faster than anything I have seen! The price was excellent as well… I see new followers added every day… Even when I am out on the road!. Once you have configured the easy-to-use filters, the fun begins! Thanks RoundTeam!

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