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Terms of Use

No spam, no fake

  • Spamming: RoundTeam is not designed for and does not support any activities, which have a goal to produce or distribute any sort of spam on Twitter. User accounts engaged in such activities will be blocked immediately.
  • Automated activities: RoundTeam is not a replacement for those actions, which only have value when done manually by individual Twitter accounts holders. For example, using automated retweets for voting is not allowed.
  • Presence and Popularity: Increasing popularity of some Twitter account by massive automated retweets is not supported by RoundTeam. This action confuses local Twitter trends, local "who to follow" suggestions and other internal mechanisms, so is classified as spamming. Potential bot-nets like this are identified and blocked.
  • FollowBack: RoundTeam does not provide retweet services to Follow Back communities. If you connect Twitter account to RoundTeam in order to retweet any hashtag, mention, keyword or phrase connected with "follow back" activities, this account will be identified and blocked from retweeting.
  • Buying followers: RoundTeam does not support activities engaged with buying and/or selling followers. If your Twitter account participates in such activities, it will be blocked from RoundTeam.


News and updates

  • We use Twitter to post all updates, such as upcoming new features announcements, news, scheduled downtime etc. Follow @RoundTeam to stay up-to-date with our service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to [email protected] or tweet to @RoundTeam.