Let others contribute
to your Twitter account

Aggregate tweets from a curated group of Twitter accounts into one timeline.
Split one Twitter feed into multiple, topic-oriented accounts.
Build community. Engage your followers into a conversation by re-posting their tweets into community feed.
You have full control on what is retweeted when using our powerful filters.
1Pick Twitter account
  • Select one of your Twitter accounts and connect it to RoundTeam
  • You can add multiple Twitter handles into one RoundTeam account
2Choose contributors
  • Specific group of Twitter accounts, thoroughly selected by you
  • Or all Followers of your Twitter account
  • Or all Twitter
3Choose contributed tweets
  • Tweets with specific keyword, hashtag, mention, phrase
  • All tweets from your contributors
  • Apply various filters to get only tweets you want

Sign in using your Twitter account to access your personal autoretweet dashboard. RoundTeam asks for read-only permissions and doesn't have any access to your Twitter password.