RoundTeam “bot-nets” policy

RoundTeam faced the situation when a lot of bot accounts are added daily (read: hourly) to retweet particular hashtags/keywords. It’s so popular today to cheat Twitter rules, and to put some topics in trend by doing hundreds of automated retweets.

RoundTeam is against of this unfair method of “promotion”. We support only real Twitter users and no bots. It doesn’t matter how many followers bots have, do they have an avatar, description and location or they don’t… they are still bots.

We had to permanently suspend retweeting from all “bot-net” Teams because of potential Twitter rules violation. Our service has obligations to operate in strict compliance with Twitter automation rules and best practices.

Here is the list of rules “bot-nets” might potentially violate:

1) The Twitter Rules/Spam and Abuse/Serial accounts

2) Automation Rules and Best Practices/Mass-creating Automated accounts

We understand and appreciate willingness of our customers to promote their businesses on Twitter using our service. RoundTeam has a lot of organic ways to do this.

Before adding your accounts to RoundTeam, please, make sure you are not violating Twitter rules.

If you still feel like adding tens of automated accounts won’t break above constraints — please send us an email to [email protected]. So, we’ll make sure your Teams are not blocked.
Best regards and happy retweeting!


16 thoughts on “RoundTeam “bot-nets” policy

  1. Not all bots are bad or spammy. And then you have mixed accounts that have some original tweets and some automatic. like simi-bots.

    Like most things it is not all black and with bots, so you should be careful when you say “we support no bots”

  2. We definitely make a distinction between bots and automated accounts. There are a lot of even fully automated accounts in RoundTeam which are not bots. Here, we are fighting against inorganic promotion (black PR), cheating Twitter trends, spamming etc. In opposite to that, RoundTeam provides Twitter automation tools to build communities, aggregate updates and self-promotion.

  3. I’ve just been a victim of the ‘bot net’ policy, does this mean the suspension is permanent?

    I’m not sure what I did wrong as the accounts were automated ones rather than bots.

    Were they retweeting too many accounts? (They were only retweeting about 7 accounts)

    Were they retweeting too many tweets? (Probably between 20 and 80 a day).

    Were there too many of them doing the retweeting? (I have several automated accounts, but normally less than 15, and often less than 10, would be retweeting at any given time).

  4. Hello,
    I just tried to email you concerning this issue and my email was returned to me. Can you please send me an email at the email address associated with this comment so that I can email you in reply to your current email address. Thanks so much.

  5. Hey There,

    My account has stopped working approx. 16 hours ago and numerous emails have gone unanswered. I recently subscribed to the service (3.99 mnth).

    Please check @Dept4Solving

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