Using RoundTeam with custom Twitter application

We are proud to announce our brand new approach for making retweets. From now on, every RoundTeam user will have an option to create his own Twitter application, which will make retweets.

Let’s start!

Here is short video overview (don’t forget to change video quality to 720p HD, and toggle full-screen):

Some moments of this video became out of date after our last major system upgrade. However, below are all steps of the process described in details with up-to-date screenshots.

The setting up process can be divided into two parts following one another.

Part 1. Creating your own application on Twitter.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

1) Login to using any of your Twitter accounts. It might be Twitter account, you use to login to RoundTeam, or any other Twitter account you own. For the purpose of vivid example, we used a Twitter account we created before, called @UseCase_Test.

2) Click on your account logo at the top right corner of the page and choose “My applications” line in the appeared drop-down menu:

3) At the My applications page click “Create a new application” button:

4) Fill in all necessary fields like the following:

  • pick some unique name for your app – it might be any name you like, and which is currently not in use;
  • type any description you like, for example: “retweet app”;
  • for Website provide any web-address which identifies you on the web. It might be your company URL, personal website, web-page of your project etc. For example,<your_twitter_name>;
  • set Callback URL to the same value as Website.

Your Application details page will look like the following:
Don’t forget to click “Yes, I Agree” after reading Developer Rules of the Road, then fill in CAPTCHA and click “Create your Twitter application”.

5) You will be redirected to the Details page of your newly created app:

Please, pay attention, that by default your application Access level is “Read-only” (as highlighted at the previous screenshot).

6) In order to allow your application to make retweets on your behalf, it needs to be granted “Read and Write” permission. To do this, please, go to the Settings tab – right next to the Details tab:

Scroll down the Settings page and find Application Type section. Choose “Read and write” type of access:

Finish with the “Update this Twitter application’s settings” button.
Note: It might take several minutes before application’s settings will be updated.

Congratulations, now you all set with creating you own Twitter application!

Part 2. Adding your newly created Twitter application to RoundTeam.

Here are the instructions for the second part of the process.

1) To register your RoundTeam account and add your first Team, please follow Step 1 to Step 6 of this instruction.

After these steps are done, let’s return to the process of connecting your own retweet application to RoundTeam.

2) Click on your Twitter user name at the top right corner of your RoundTeam dashboard and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu:




3) You will see the following page with already filled in Consumer key and Consumer secret of RoundTeam retweet app:

To fill in credentials of your own application, you need to return back to and click your retweet app’s name. You will see Details page. Scroll down to OAuth settings section. Here you’ll find Consumer key and Consumer secret of your retweet app. Copy and paste them to corresponding fields on your RoundTeam Settings page. Finish with the “Save own application” button.

4) Every time you make changes to your retweet application or it’s credentials, you need to re-link all your existing Teams to RoundTeam. To do this, please click “Link Twitter account” button and add each of your Teams one more time.

Note: There is no need to delete your Teams before re-linking them! Also, your current retweet configuration will remain the same after re-linking.

After this point you are all set with establishing your new account in RoundTeam and connecting your own retweet application.

Read more about retweet settings in our FAQ. Also we have Blog posts about the most popular RoundTeam use cases.

Follow the updates about our new features at @RoundTeam.

Enjoy and happy retweeting!

47 thoughts on “Using RoundTeam with custom Twitter application

  1. you’ve blacklisted so many words, that there is no point of using roundteam anymore. my friends have stopped using it. and so have i. this was the best app ever, and now you’ve ruined it.

    • Hi May,
      Our service has obligations to operate in strict compliance with Twitter automation rules and best practices. When you registered your Twitter application to RoundTeam you agreed with the following:

      “RoundTeam is not a replacement for those actions, which only have value when done manually by individual Twitter accounts holders. For example, using automated retweets for voting is not allowed.”

      Detailed information about “No spam, No fake” rules here:

      Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have more questions, please, fill free to contact us.

  2. Hello.

    First of all congratulations for your work, is great!

    My question is if we can retwitt but without in the name of the original font. Because I’m retwitting now a lot of twits, but all with the icon and name of others.

    Is possible make it in my name, maybe retwitting only with the original references?

    Greating and thanks,


    • Hi Borja,

      By it’s nature RoundTeam does only native retweets – the process is exactly the same as if you do retweets manually in your Twitter account. It means, that original Tweet can’t be changed – nothing can be added/removed to/from it’s original content.
      Additionally, it is not possible to change tweet’s author via RoundTeam service.

  3. Hey guys –

    Great service. Hoping you could add more filters for retweets in the near future. Things like capping #’s so Twitter doesn’t put you on time out and/or excluding certain users. I’m also having trouble today, as I noticed nothing has been retweeted in 16-17 hours on my account. I thought maybe I was in Twitter jail but when I went on to the site I can retweet/tweet no problem. I checked my App and it all seems to be working fine. Don’t know if it’s something on your side. Thanks

    • Hi Mark,

      Twitter made a change to their API which caused the blackout in RTs for about 20 hours. We recovered the retweeting flow more than 12 hours ago.

      Please, contact us at if you still experience issues with our service.

      Also, you can exclude certain users from being retweeted by blocking them on behalf of your Twitter account.

  4. Hi guys,

    Your tool is excellent, I appreciate you came back, but I have a doubt. I set up my own app with two HT’s on people following me (following) and All Twitter, exactly the same HT’s and I believe the App is not making RT of some tuits with those HTs defined. What could be the problem?

  5. I have been looking and am unable to find a function to limit the quantity of the retweets . In case it is not there – any plans to add that ?

    BTW- Great service !!! Kudos .

      • Guys – Great service … Very impressive .

        Just a thought : that above request is probably why your service was suspended in the first place .

        It is easy to see why Twitter wouldn’t want a few thousand retweets ….. a limitation of quantity should really be on top of the “to do list”

    • By it’s nature RoundTeam does only native retweets – the process is exactly the same as if you do retweets manually in your Twitter account. It means, that original Tweet can’t be changed – nothing can be added/removed to/from it’s original content.

  6. Hello RoundTeam staff!
    I am new here and trying to create a working retweet team, but my account (elenasfancybead) was blocked. Am I doing something wrong?
    I sent email to but getting no response.

    Please help!

  7. TNX! It works great. I can only use 4 followed, if i try to add one more. Round Team say: “NL_Nieuws_NL is out of items limit” Can’t i use 5 followed? (sorry for my very bad English, i’m a Dutch boy) Please answer!

    • Hi Maarten,

      Currently, there is a limit of 5 retweet items in total for each Team. If you got the message “NL_Nieuws_NL is out of items limit”, it means you have used your 5th rt item in some other retweet category. More about the limits here:
      Please, contact us at if you need more rt items. In your email, please describe briefly your use case and the reason why you need more rt items.

  8. Hello, what does a twitter application do once connected with round team and is the faster retweet speed around 5 minutes? Some of my followers say that’s slow..

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Juan,

      Here is what is said in RoundTeam rules about this use case:
      “Presence and Popularity: Increasing popularity of some Twitter account by massive automated retweets is not supported by RoundTeam. This action confuses local Twitter trends, local “who to follow” suggestions and other internal mechanisms, so is classified as spamming. Potential bot-nets like this are identified and blocked.”

      So, basically, RoundTeam does not support such activities.

  9. Hi for some reason roundteam has stopped RTing a certain twitter user from my list since yesterday! i know its working because i can RT other users from the list. The person hasnt blocked me eaither so im wondering if its something from your side.

  10. I can’t use this (shame as it looks a great tool) because when going to dev.twitter it requests a mobile number. I don’t use a mobile (and don’t want to!) so no RoundTeam for me

  11. Fine way of telling, and nice piece of writing to take facts on the topic of my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in school.

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