RoundTeam: new special filter <exact_match>

We are happy to announce new and shiny special filter for RoundTeam. From now on your retweets will be even more targeted!

By default, when you set up item to be retweeted, RoundTeam will make a retweet even if some part of the word matched. For example, if RoundTeam is configured to retweet mention @RoundTeam, it will also retweet mention @RoundTeam_pulse, @RoundTeam_Info etc. Special filter <exact_match> is useful when you’d like to retweet exactly what is configured in dashboard.

Use <exact_match> filter to retweet exactly what is written:

RoundTeam “bot-nets” policy

RoundTeam faced the situation when a lot of bot accounts are added daily (read: hourly) to retweet particular hashtags/keywords. It’s so popular today to cheat Twitter rules, and to put some topics in trend by doing hundreds of automated retweets.

RoundTeam is against of this unfair method of “promotion”. We support only real Twitter users and no bots. It doesn’t matter how many followers bots have, do they have an avatar, description and location or they don’t… they are still bots. Continue reading