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RoundTeam users community keeps us in shape! Every day we receive tons of emails with requests for help to set up retweets, solve some problem, meet new use case. We are happy with these emails, because we always have fresh ideas about RoundTeam out of these conversations.

Today we released new “Filters” feature, which helps to make even more targeted retweets, free from spam, undesirable comments and other irrelevant information. Profanity filter is one of the main use cases of Filters.

Let’s have a look on how Filters work, using simple example from one of RoundTeam’s communities. Team @RT_Sensation retweets about famous Trance music fest “Sensation White” from all Twitter. Retweeting was set up using hashtag #sensation and mention @sensation. And everything seemed to be fine, except of one point: hashtag #sensation is also used by HTC Sensation mobile phone admirers. Mobile device lovers mark their tweets with both: #htc and #sensation. So, every day @RT_Sensation’s feed “is messed up” with irrelevant information about mobile phones. Really, it’s not spam, because hashtag #sensation refers to the mobile device topic as well. Thereby, without any negative intention, two different communities, were intersected, using the same hashtag.

How can we solve this problem? First thought is to block accounts tweeting about #htc by Team, and every day unretweet all their tweets. But this solution requires huge time and effort expenditure, because @RT_Sensation makes several hundreds(!) of retweets during each day. Also, how about people who tweet about both #htc #sensation meaning mobile device as well as about #sensation meaning music fest? That’s why we created new feature, which filters retweets automatically.

Filters work in a pretty simple way. You need to click on hashtag, which you want to filter, and set up all necessary parameters in pop-up window. Each retweet item  may have up to 5 different filters. One filter per row. Here is how it looks for @sensation:

And here is what we generally got for @RT_Sensation Team:

You can filter not only by #hashtag and @mention, but also by keywords. So it is possible to filter out undesirable comments about your Team, obscene language, etc.

Interesting fact - same retweet item may have different filters depending on the retweet category. For example, same hashtag may have different filters for “All Twitter” and “Followers” categories.

We also created “special filters” category. Right now we have just one special filter: <no_conversations>. This filter will prevent all Tweets which start from a valid user @mention from being retweeted. Example of such tweet: “@RT_Sensation thanks for your answer to my question”. This way we can avoid retweets of somebody else’s conversations. If you feel like you miss some special filter, please drop us a line on [email protected] or leave comment under this post.

At this point we keep working on Filters feature. Next step is Filters for Twitter Lists. Suggestions about Filters improvement are very welcome!

Waiting for your comments.

Truly yours,

10 thoughts on “RoundTeam new feature: Filters

  1. I’ve got one twitter.account (@applesold) - and a 2nd twitter account (@foreclosurepage)…

    Everyday, there are several posts made to the @foreclosurepage, I would like to randomly pick from those. I don’t want to retweet all of those posts… but would like to RT just a few of them… Is there a way to limit or throttle the number of posts?

    • Hello,
      If you own both Twitter accounts you’ve mentioned and post on its behalf, then we can advice you to randomly add some hashtag (for e. g. #rt_this) to those tweets you want to be retweeted by @applesold.
      How to do this:
      1. Create Twitter list and add @foreclosurepage there.
      2. Add this list to “Lists” section of @applesold in RoundTeam. It will look like: applesold/your_list_name/#rt_this. More about Retweet from Lists feature here:
      Hope it will work for you!
      Please, let us know if there are any issues.

  2. I’m using your service, which is great by the way! But I couldn’t find an efficient way to set up a reliable profanity filter. I would expect a in the filter that match a list of english “bad” words.. Is it scheduled for any time soon?

    Continue with the great work!

    • Hi, Antoine

      Thanks for this filter idea. We put it into our backlog. We’ll make an announcement here and on Twitter when it will be ready. So stay tuned :)

      As a temporary solution, you can set up several different filters (up to 5 filters for every retweet item) and protect your retweets from “bad” words.

      Please let us know if that works for you.

  3. I see JD Richards on September 18, 2012 at 5:48 PM asked a similar question. Has a new filter been made yet to solve this issue? I really need to implement it.

    Also, here are some additional features that could make this even better.

    1. When I build a team, I would like to be able to set the master account the ability to add twitter accounts that I would like to retweet. Then I would like all the account below master account to randomly be selected to retweet from that list. Basicly it would continue to rotate from one account to another. Depending on how it is set up I could allow 1 or more accounts to retweet at a time. This would be absolutely brilliant.

    2. Retweets limit filter. This is the feature the other member mentioned. If it would be possible to set a limit to how many tweets are shared and how often to share them then the largest downside to this system would be solved. It would also keep Twitter happier, prevent spamming retweets, and accounts from being suspended.

    • Hi JT,
      Thank you for filter suggestions. We appreciate it a lot and added them to our backlog.
      We haven’t implemented random filter yet. At this point we have several higher prioritized tasks, however we remember about this filter and will notify you as soon as it is done.
      Please, follow RoundTeam updates on Twitter or Facebook (

  4. How do you retweet all tweets from a verified account and not just the no_replies? I use the twitter list and the tweets included there are No_replies.

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